Podcast #1 – The Big Reveal

05 Oct Podcast #1 – The Big Reveal

Listen to my first podcast ever as I share some of the BIGGEST news of my career as a blogger and give my thanks to some amazing supportive people who’ve shared my journey to date.

I hope you have enjoyed my first podcast – I’d love to know what you think? Hit me up in the comments below or on Insta x

– Transcript –

Hi guys, so I’m actually driving in my car, but I’ve just found out that I’m going to be on the cover of Fete Life magazine and seen the proofs for our five-page spread article that I’ve written for next months’ edition which ties in with the Sustainable Style Project that we’re undertaking in October and I’m actually felling really emotional, I just feel really quite overwhelmed, I can’t really believe it.

Fete Life is my favourite magazine, it’s like, you know I like to browse its pages for just the most beautiful inspiration and content and to have written a piece for them is just such an honour

To have, you know, the photographs that I’ve styled that were shot beautifully by the very talented Steph [Brown] who I work with very closely and then to find out that one of our photos is actually going to be on the cover is just like it’s just really hit me and I finally sort of feel like all of the hard work and the hustle that has gone into the last 4 years of sneakers is starting come together and it’s just absolutely amazing and I’m just so overwhelmed and grateful and you know some of it has been a really hard slog despite you know those people that go “oh don’t you just sit around and look at Pinterest and take photos of your coffee and post them to Instagram?” which don’t’ get me wrong I certainly do at times, but anyone who owns a small business and works with social media knows that that couldn’t be any further from reality and knows just how much hard work goes into it.

So I’m just feeling so so so grateful, to everyone. To the guys at Fete for giving us this opportunity, but more so just to you and the amazing community of people that I have and talk to and who’ve supported me and given a shit about what I’ve had to say because without you none of this could have happened.

My family, my friends my husband who’ve just taken it all in their stride I just know basically one day I just decided that I was going pursue a career in something that was like the complete literally polar opposite to what I’d spend you know like 14 years working in corporate on and studying for and toward and it was kind of a career that no one really understood and wasn’t even really in many ways and you know my family and Rob, my mum, my dad, they’ve never questioned it – well probably not to my face anyway.

And just believed in me and yeah I’m just a bit of a blubbering mess in the car and I just wanted to basically say thank you and that it really does pay off and all of the hard work is worth it. So I’m going to stop crying in my car while talking on my phone and because actually this is a very happy post and I can’t wait, I can’t wait wait wait for the mag to come out very soon, I’m going to be buying like 25 copies and maybe framing one of them and so I’m going to stop going on and on – you can all do it, whatever you believe whatever you want to achieve in your life and your business and your family and you guys can all do it, if I can do it, you totally can smash it and you’ve all supported me and I’m here to support you 110% so thank you very much from the bottom of my heart – I’ll talk to you all very soon.