New daily rituals with Jurlique

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06 Oct New daily rituals with Jurlique

Of late, I have been trying to introduce some daily rituals into my life in an attempt to instil some sense of calm and order, into my typically chaotic life and unstructured mind. For those of you who have been following my #projectme journey, you will know it’s about finding small ways to enrich my life, wellness and soul in a sustainable way.

I’ve been doing some reading up on daily rituals lately and the benefits they can bring, and as it turns out they’re not just for high-performing sports people. Rituals can help alleviate stress and anxiety, increase confidence and help with emotional stability (can we get a halleluliah!). Basically, we humans are creatures of habit and take comfort in consistent behaviour. We see this in our kids too. Toddlers and kids love having a routine, it gives them stability, structure and support as they grow and explore all the new things they see in the world.

Not only do I think daily rituals are important for calm and order, but I see it is a key part of #projectme. After chasing mini around all day, or if I’ve been busy out shooting or meeting clients, I find I really crave time to recharge. Just a few moments of stillness.

One new daily ritual has involved taking time out for skincare (cause let’s be honest, I ain’t getting any younger), which includes the Jurlique range. I’ve tried a lot of different skincare products over the years and shared these with you, but I consistently get drawn back to my Jurlique products. So when I recently had the opportunity to review their new Body Care range, it seemed like the perfect time to try these products out in my new skincare ritual.

Firstly, I have to say I was really happy to see the products are free from harsh chemicals and use organic ingredients from their beautiful farm in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia. I typically use organic and chemical free products for Luka, and I think it’s important I do the same for myself.

The new Body Care range comes in 4 different scents and I tested out the Lemon, Geranium and Clary Sage as well as Rose, Jurlique’s signature scent. The Shower Gel was beautiful, with great consistency and a soft fragrance. It’s soap free, so doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy and is really gentle on the skin. Plus geranium is one of my all time fave scents!

The Body Lotion has a great texture and rubs in really easily. My skin gets very dry, especially in Winter and I found that after using the moisturiser, my skin felt really soft and hydrated. I find that my skin is a lot drier these days. I use a lot of antibacterial products which really dry out my skin – in Winter, I even get cracked knuckles so it’s really important to me to use a nourishing lotion. The result so far? Soft, deeply hydrated skin.


I definitely felt recharged (and smelled amazing) after taking just 10 minutes each day for myself. Whether it’s morning or night (or both if you’re super lucky) it’s a beautiful way to feel more grounded whilst taking great care of your skin. I’m not sure that my mind is any more structured, but I definitely enjoy a little me-time and definitely think self-care is key to being at my best in work and mum life.

I’d love to know, how are your new commitments going? Hit me up on Insta x