Some newness x

13 Sep Some newness x

For the most part, I love social media. I have been lucky enough to meet some of the most wonderful people, some who have become a huge part of my life. I’ve received encouragement, support, advice, love from an incredible community of women. But for me, and I suspect for many of you, it inherently has one major flaw.  It is unrelenting and requires you to be “on” and “social” all of the time.

And with the ever changing landscape of social media, Instagram in particular – with algorithms dictating what content we see, organic reach and engagement is taking a hit. The net is that it’s easy to get stuck in a bit of rut.  And it’s demoralising.  You may have worked on a particular blog post for a while – you think the idea is great so surely others will relate. You stay up late nights writing the right words and taking gorgeous images which make you proud. You excitedly post your work and … crickets.  Do people like it? Can they relate? Have anyone seen it? What did they think? Why aren’t they saying anything? What is the point of all this? Sound familiar? It’s a strange old world isn’t it?

BUT just as fast as you can lose your mojo, it only takes one or two moments in time to inspire you all over again. I was recently blessed to have two separate events inspire me to find my purpose all over again and consolidate my love for what I do.

The first was this photoshoot. Shot by the beautiful Annmaree from @strattansgonewild_ |, this shoot was the result of an IG blind date with Annmaree, Brock + Max down in Inverloch.  The shots have captured my heart. They rejuvenated my love for photography and for true lifestyle captures. I love them beyond words. So to Annmaree, thank you.

As many of you know, on Sunday I had the privilege of speaking on a panel at a Melbourne Motherhood event beside Kathryn from and Rochelle from @themummycode.  We spoke for over an hour to a room full of amazing women about all things motherhood, business and life. We shared our learnings, experiences and challenges.  I was in my element. It was my jam.  Surrounded by so many incredible women, forging their own stories – many touched or inspired by what we have shared over the years was truly special.  It helped me remember why I started. What was important.

And so going forward you will see some newness on Sneakers + Soul, to reconnect with the heart of our why. I will be featuring #mumcrushmondays on IG Stories, showcasing small business, daily outfit-of-the-day inspo on Stories #ootd and the start of a weekly podcast where I will be sharing my thoughts (rambling) on a series of topics. I would LOVE to hear from you with regard to what you’d like to hear about and I will dedicate each week to answering one of your questions/topics.

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and what you’d like to see more of from me. Let’s get back to the real connections + conversations and make magic happen x




  • I loved listening to you speak at the Hood Mumma event and reading this blog post has definitely resonated with me! I came home Sunday afternoon (after thinking during the week that I was going to give up my blog because no one really seemed to respond to it anymore)……but then I got to work Monday and a woman I work with hugged me, thanking me for a post I had written and I was spurred on again! Thanks for sharing how you have been feeling, I’ve been the same, but I’ve made my decision (as you have to) and I’m happy to keep plodding along because every now and then, I make someone feel like they are not alone!

    • rose taupe

      Sorry for the delay! Thanks so much for getting in touch x I loved speaking and meeting so many wonderful mamas – did you enjoy the event too? Go you!! Sometimes it’s so hard, but you never know what small (or huge!) impact you’re having on the world. You are definitely not alone – go lady x