Adventures with the new Ford Escape

13 Aug Adventures with the new Ford Escape

It’s no secret I love a good road-trip and try to get out of town as much as possible for the weekend or even just the day. Road-trips and adventures are good for my soul – a change (of scenery) is as good as a holiday as they say.

So when Ford offered me the new Ford Escape on loan for a week to take on a little adventure, I absolutely couldn’t resist. And boy was I impressed.

During the week we had the Escape, we put it to the test both in inner-city Melbourne and on a road-trip down the Bellarine Peninsula, trialling the extensive features.

I currently drive a station wagon with a sports body kit which is very low to the ground so the biggest impact for me in the Escape, being an SUV, was the increased visibility. I could really see what was going on all around me and Luka definitely loved it too, preferring “the white car” over “mummy’s car” (even though my actual car is white, LOL, #toddlerlogic).

When choosing a new car, there are a couple of key things we look for; safety features of course are paramount, space/seating, technology, fuel economy and naturally, design. I know that there are some people who are not really fussed about what their car looks like or how it drives, it just really serves to get them from A to B. I am NOT one of those people. I love cars and am a tough critic.

The two things we handled first were a) syncing the iPhone to the Escape’s SYNC 3 entertainment system (naturally, we can’t drive anywhere without tunes) and b) installing our car seat for mini. The entertainment system was a real treat and included voice recognition, Apple CarPlay and an intuitive sat-nav system. Basically, I could just say “where is the nearest coffee shop?” and it would find and provide directions to the nearest coffee shops. NEAT. And mum-life essential.  After installing the car-seat, there was still heaps of room in the back (more than enough space for a second car seat or passengers!) and the boot space was roomy which is a must for families. For our road-trip there was plenty of room for two weekend bags, a scooter and a dump truck (naturally, one always takes a dump truck on a road-trip) with more than half the boot to spare. The other awesome feature was the hands-free power tailgate which enabled me to open the boot just by waving my foot under the bumper. Given I never have free hands, especially when loading the car and wrangling a toddler, I absolutely loved this feature.

So, one sunny mid-week morning, Luka + I loaded up the car and set off down the Bellarine Coast to Barwon Heads, about 1.5 hours out of Melbourne for an adventure.  Checking out its impressive safety features, the Ford Escape has a 5-Star ANCAP safety rating and a range of Driver Assist Technologies. One of the things I found super helpful is a small orange light on the rear-view mirrors that turned on when someone was in my blind-spot. Clever. Luka loved the roomy interior and being up higher than usual so he could see more – “look Mummy, truck”, “look Mummy, big truck”, “look Mummy, firetruck” … you get the gist of how the next 1.5 hours went. The sun was out, so we also made the most of the panoramic sun roof, which kept my little adventurer enthralled in the back seat.

The car also has great fuel economy and we drove it around Melbourne for about 10 days (including our trip to Barwon Heads and back) and still had about half a tank left.  All in all, the Escape is stylish, savvy and fully equipped with state-of-the art features with a great value price tag and great reliability. My first car was a Ford and the one thing I clearly remember was that we never had any issues with it, servicing was a breeze and it was super reliable. The design and features of the new Ford have certainly come a long way but it’s reliable reputation remains. If you are looking for a new car, potentially for an upgrade with baby on the way, I would absolutely recommend you check out this fabulous SUV. We had so much fun driving it and it really met our lifestyle needs, it was easy to drive in the city and perfect for adventuring. And if you ask the little man, he’ll promptly say “awwww [insert sad face here], the white car is gone Mummy”.

Check out the Ford Escape here.

Photography by @_stephbrown_