#projectme community contributions

13 Jun #projectme community contributions

For those of you who missed my last post, I’ve picked up on a journey I started last year, that I’ve called #projectme, in the search to develop a healthier lifestyle for myself and my family. The old me, lets be honest … the current me – drinks too much coffee, doesn’t get enough sleep (can’t even blame the baby), is forgetful and considers cheese rolls as a wholesome lunch (no disrespect to my friends at Baker’s Delight).

On a quest to improve my own health and wellbeing, I am committed to bringing you a surplus of fitness tips, recipes, guest posts, ideas and reviews from lifestyle industry experts to help you create a better day-to-day for you and your families.

You’re invited to join me on that journey, to learn together and share our struggles and successes within this community we are creating.

We are going to set ourselves realistic goals and change habits in order to sustain these changes in the long run. We will remember that no one is perfect and we all have our struggles. Many of us are busy mamas with limited time to invest in ourselves, that’s why #projectme is all about small lifestyle changes for the long term.

As Mamas and women, we want to be the best that we can be, but balance between work, rest, play, hobbies, nutrition, family, friend/social, free time and me-time can be challenging. Time doesn’t allow us to commit evenly to all aspects of life, so through #projectme, we encourage you to practice mindfulness and engage in the present activity with 100% commitment.

The ideal would be to find something that you really love with fitness (ie. horse riding, tennis, bush walking, yoga) but that’s not always possible. A solution/suggestion is to find a fitness activity that you may not love, but to surround it with things you do. If nothing else, grab your little ones and head to the park and/or playground (with coffee) for some fresh air and incidental exercise. Don’t focus on just the fitness part of the activity, but look at ways you can make a healthy lifestyle enjoyable and focus on the overall end goal of living a healthy lifestyle you can sustain!

I aspire for #projectme to become a one-stop community for the busy Mama and woman; where you can find the products to help you embark on your own #projectme journey, but also a place to share all of your tips on nutrition, health, self-care, relaxation, fitness and wellness.

sneakers and soul #projectme winter wellness

So come and join me! There’s no downside, instead it’s an opportunity to create a better you and a more healthy and fulfilling lifestyle for the future. I encourage you to share your tips, thoughts, struggles and successes with me by simply emailing our campaign queen, Chantelle at chantelle@sneakersandsoul.com.au.

This month we want to focus on Winter Wellness. As the cold weather sets in and the snot monster’s come out (yes, snot monster’s) let’s rally together to create the ultimate Winter Wellness Guide, by Mum’s, for Mum’s. Please email Chantelle chantelle@sneakersandosul.com.au by Fri 23rd June so we can make magic by the end of the month!! Big love x