I run my 3 businesses from home. Well, actually more from cafes. Or clients. Or my client’s café offices. Oh, and the beach house. And sometimes, the car (yes, when mini falls asleep there is no transferring success at our house, so I just sit in the car and work for 3-4 hours. Yes, he sleeps for 3-4hours). So my point is, and I do actually have a point, in today’s entrepreneurial and digital age, I work from anywhere and everywhere.

This has its pros and cons. The main advantage is the flexibility. Especially with a young son. Baby aside, I have always desperately craved this freedom + flexibility, especially in my old corporate life. It is totally at odds with my genetic makeup to sit at a desk and work 9-5pm. Speaking of 9-5pm, where does this “point of reference” come from? Let’s say, 8-6:30pm. On a good day.

The disadvantage is the ability to “switch off” from work and maintain balance, or blend, depending which to which school of thought you subscribe. Having a transient workspace, which allows you to work from anywhere also means that there is greater difficulty in delineating work from life, which, regardless of how much you love your job is still so important (this in itself is a huge topic for discussion another time and the inspiration behind this blog category).

In order to have flexibility in your workspace, the one thing you need, is innovative digital tools. As a Mac convert, I recently had the pleasure of trialling and reviewing the new ASUS ZenBook Flip UX360U, and boy was I impressed.



It’s portability is definitely its main asset, super sleek and slimline in design and so lightweight (1.27kg to be exact) it’s no more cumbersome than carrying a thick A4 notebook and importantly, fits into all my large totes… win.

As a lifestyle blogger, it’s also imperative that I present well at client meetings and let’s be honest, my notebook and phone is often captured in images for my social feeds. The sleek, fashionable design of the ZenBook is also a huge plus. A solid battery life (up to 12 hours before recharging) and high quality image display are equally important functional features. It also has a rad 360-rotatable display to convert into a tablet which is sure to impress.

So, regardless if you’re glass half full or half empty on this topic, one thing is non-negotiable. A highly portable, lightweight and effective tool of trade. And the ASUS ZenBook Flip UX360U has you covered x