Sustainable Style Project


01 Oct Sustainable Style Project

Earlier in the year, in a blog post entitled Not So Easy Lessons Learned I spoke openly about my love of nature and my plans to do a Sustainable Style feature on the blog.

So to put my money where my mouth is, for the whole month of October, I have committed to sharing sustainable style in an effort to promote and educate our community about ethical fashion, sustainability and the environmental and social impacts of consumption.  I also pledge to consume mindfully and will buy items only if they fit within the confines of this project for the month and is we need them.

This initiative will encompass all lifestyle areas including fashion,mini fashion, lifestyle, home and wellness. Sustainability can mean any number of different things to different people, in different contexts. So let’s begin by defining sustainable style for our purposes as “style incorporated into various facets of your life which can be maintained for the greater good of our natural resources”. We are not here to argue about the nitty gritty of what sustainability is. We are striving to acknowledge, celebrate and empower those businesses taking leaps in the direction of change and betterment.  We are celebrating slow fashion, ethical manufacturing, locally made products and organic fibres. We are applauding fair and ethical work conditions and diligent use of resources. We will share our love for vintage and pre-loved goods.

My main aim is to inform and empower our community to make more sustainable consumer decisions, whilst raising funds to our nominated charity, Orphfund (more on the incredible work they do a little later on).

sustainable style blog sneakers and soul beach

I immensely grateful, firstly to our project partners – Matcha Maiden, TOM Organic, Outland Denim and Zilvi, who are not only leaders in their field in their respective commitment to sustainability but are joining forces to champion this important project. To all the business that are getting involved, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. I cannot wait to feature your amazing work and share your inspirational stories. I will not only be sharing exciting brands + businesses doing their bit toward sustainability but also writing about the environment and social issues implicated.

To our beautiful community, I urge you to join us and post your own sustainable style finds + commitments throughout October using the hashtag #mysustainablestyle.

sustainable style blog sneakers and soul beach

This is a HUGE passion project of mine and I can’t wait to see if come to life and hopefully we can make a positive change in the process!

PS – check in to @sneakersandsoul on 5th October for some HUGE news, just saying 🙂

Mama Bird + Baby Bird Tees by The Bee + The Fox Co from Mabel’s Garb.  Mabel’s Garb is a carefully curated collection of  ethical brands from around the globe. The brands are chosen for their dedication to the environment and most importantly to those who make the clothes we wear.  The emphasis is on  quality, timeless pieces with a vintage feel that wont  become unfashionable as soon as it the season ends.

Photography by Annmaree –
sustainable style blog sneakers and soul beach