Soul Chats with Mickey Rose x

08 Oct Soul Chats with Mickey Rose x

Name: Adriana Andelkovic
Origin: Born in Australia, my background is Serbian/Italian
Instagram: @mickeyrose_ check it out 😉

The SS collection is unreal lady. Tell us about Mickey Rose, how did it come to be?

Yay- thank you! We think so too 😍
As a lot of our Mickey Rose followers know I was 21 when I started Mickey Rose. Fresh out of uni studying fashion. I knew I wanted to own a business, be a designer and help change the world. Joining all three together was a dream come true. I don’t think I quite understood what Mickey Rose would grow to be at the time. (Luckily or I may not have ever started it out of fear! Haha)

I named it after my late Dad, Mick and my Mums best friend who passed away when I was 16, Rosetta. I am grateful for them every day for being the ying and yang to what my business is today. I knew it was the perfect name.

About a year and a half ago the brand really started to take off. At this stage I took time to reassess where we were headed, my “why” and my vision. I started to grow at a pace I couldn’t keep up with and I knew how detrimental this could be to a business, so I wanted to make some changes for the better.

In this time  I did a small collection so that I was able to work behind the scenes. We got new manufactures on board (who are based right here in Melbourne), a new designer to do our artwork, outsourced more tasks, made the leap to creating bigger ranges with higher units and took on a staff member I love and trust. It was a huge risk, but worth every bit.
Now at 24 years old, I have grown Mickey Rose is what it is today! This is a snippet of our journey so far and I can’t wait to keep sharing it with you.


Describe the aesthetic of Mickey Rose.

I would say it is FUN, funky & UNISEX! I love that we are unisex. To us this means setting no boundaries between gender, sharing clothing between siblings and to be able to share a garment and wear it over and over.

We design prints that are one of a kind, exclusive to Mickey rose. With a unique edge to each design, a sense of childhood imagination, playfulness and adventure. Letting kids be just that, kids!

When designing we always start with an animal in mind, this becomes our feature animal. He or she is quirky, playful and always takes on a little personality of its own. Check out this season whale shark!

Why is sustainability so important to you?

It’s simple! We are a Childrens brand, we care about children and future generations. We want a world for our children to grow up in- right!? Then sustainability is the only way to go.

I talk about creating fashion that sparks a change, a conversation, so that the children we are dressing today have a world to grow up in tomorrow. Sustainable fashion is a big step in the right direction of making that happen.

Did you know that the fashion industry is the second biggest polluter in the world? Second only to oil! Scary, isn’t it!? To begin to combat this, we need to start with ourselves; shop smarter, shop quality over quantity, shop non disposable pieces and say no to fast fashion.

We’re hearing a lot about organic cotton right now – what’s the big deal?

Glad you asked! The deal is this… the cotton industry never should have gotten so out of hand that we had to make the big fuss over organic. But yet here we are. So let’s start understanding the importance of organic cotton. We are doing a little series on this shortly, but for now here are some fast facts….

✨The clothing industry is the second biggest polluter of clean water. (This also means the people in the villages where the cotton is grown have no clean water, often drinking from their water supply will result in cancer or deformities in there unborn children.)

✨Organic cotton has not been genetically modified. (This includes benefits such as a better life to the farmers who farm the cotton due to being able to save seeds ect and no pollution to the soil and waterways. According to the world health organization pesticides cause up to 20,000 deaths from babies to adults annually.)

✨Better working conditions for the farmers. (No CHILD labour. We often think about this in the factory stage but forget about the cotton stage.)

✨Of course in your own home it’s better too, better for YOUR babes skin, respiratory system and LONGER life span of the product.

What prepared you to make the leap to kick off Mickey Rose?

Not much! Haha! The benefit of starting a business at 21 is that you’re a little naive and don’t know much. The negative is you’re a little naive and don’t know much. I kind of just jumped in, head first, eyes closed.

However, I started really, really small. And let it grow organically. This let me prepare for the trials and errors of running a business and to be able to grow with the business.

As I mentioned above, it was about a year and a half ago I had a really big decision to make regarding growing Mickey Rise. This to me was the biggest leap I had made as a business owner. Mickey Rose was growing at a rate I hadn’t predicted, which was amazing but so so scary. At this point in time I had to make the decision to stay in my comfort zone or grow to the next level. So I of course took the leap of faith and knew that growth was the right answer. And I haven’t looked back since!

You don’t have kids. What inspired you to start a kidswear label?

Haha! I get asked this all the time and absolutely love it!
To start with it was identifying a gap in the market. As I mentioned, I knew I wanted to own a business and be a designer! It runs through my veins. Studying women’s wear at RMIT I just didn’t get the buzz I was looking for, it just didn’t set me on fire. When I started designing kids fashion something happened and I fell in love.

I could use my imagination, sense of childhood play and adventure. I realized a love for Children’s wear had been in me for a long time. It was mindless, in that it came so naturally. As soon as my course was complete I started sewing bibs in my Nonnos garage … and here we are today.

Tell us your favourite way to spend a day off?

Ooooh! Definitely with beautiful company, my friends or family, eating good food, a coffee of course, nature and an adventure. Love to end it with a good boogie, nothing like a good night out.

However of course if I’m lucky enough to be travelling- now that’s really my favorite way to spend a day off! Yesterday I had the privilege of discovering Penang, Malaysia on a scooter. Getting lost in the mountains and visiting temples- now that’s one of my favourite day offs in my whole life! Or a day “on” rather 😉

Describe your family in 5 words.

Loving. Giving. Hearts of gold.

What’s your mantra in life?

I have so many, but the one I always return to would have to be- This too shall pass.

When I was about 17 a friend bought me a beautiful book for my birthday, on one of the last pages it said “this too shall pass”. I couldn’t get those lines out of my mind. I was going through a hard time at school and home and I carried this thought with me.

Little did I know the following year my Dad would pass away and I would face the hardest time of my life. It’s fair to say this quote got me through some of the darkest days of my entire life.

Then I realized it works for the good times too, the beautiful moments in life. Because they too shall pass. So to savour them, take a deep breath, be in the here and now when you are experiencing these beautiful times.

Random fact about you – go!

I answered these interview questions sitting by a pool in KL- pinch me, feeling very blessed!
I had answered the entire thing, feeling happy with it and then accidentally deleted it all!
I swore a few times… ok, a lot of times.
Took a deep breathe, felt grateful for something. And now today I’m writing them out again, even better mind you 😉
Haha there’s a super random fact for you!

What is your inspiration – either at work or in life more generally?

There are so many things to feel inspired by!

On one level I’m inspired internally. I very much feel inspired from within, following my intuition, taking time to mediate, self reflect and live with purpose, on purpose. This inspires me everyday to live my best life in both work and personally. For me work and personal are almost intertwined and many small business owners or passion project havers will relate.

Outside of myself I am inspired by my want to help others. This is my “why”. This keeps me going, when I’m exhausted, confused or feeling like I’ve had enough. In two weeks time I will be volunteering at a school in Cambodia. Giving back inspires me and gives me purpose.

I think it goes without saying, especially for those that know me. But travel. Saving for travel, planning to travel, traveling the world. There is nothing more soulful and inspiring! 17 countries and can’t wait to keep adding! Will share some moments of this trip with you all soon, or you may have seen some in our insta stories already.

What’s next for Mickey Rose?

So much! My mind is about to explode! haha. Definitely a great time to stay tuned and be part of the journey with us.
In the coming months we hope to bring you more behind the scenes, more videos and photos on what being made local looks and feels like to us.
What organic cotton means, our process to get there and continue to make this a reality.
Building our knowledge on how we can all be sustainable together. And our mission moving forward!
Also doing more for the community. Starting with volunteering and giving back our time.

Super excited to announce the start of my public speaking journey. My first experience was at a local high school a few weeks ago talking about small business, how we run, where I started and anything in between. To hear the kids say they were inspired totally set my soul on fire. Definitely more of this to come!

Making some big changes behind the scenes, wrapping my head around them and doing lots of coaching to get there.
And for you guys! More designs, more shapes, more love and more Mickey Rose. We just released a gorgeous under the sea range and are totally in love!
Join the Mickey Rose story today & experience the difference!
Thank you for having me, it’s been an absolute honour. Would love to hear from you guys- you all make this possible 💕✌🏼 thank y o u
Keep shining x

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