The road to farm life by Nicole from @kombilife

11 May The road to farm life by Nicole from @kombilife

By contributor, Nicole Langford of @kombilife

Those words “move to Melbourne” keep ringing in my ears lately, with endless opportunities of the fashion word I love. 

So, it got me thinking about the world I once lived in, the city life in Perth of a young enthusiastic girl straight out of school trying to dig her heels into the fashion industry. My first interview for a clothing store, Live Clothing, I was an 18-year old bubble bursting with excitement as I told the man at the interview about big dreams of owning my own store and taking over the world with my fashion revolution.

That bubble 18 got lucky – a call into the city store that evening with the owner telling all the other staff, he had never come across a young girl with such a passion for fashion and big ideas. My dreams were coming true and I went on to work with them for the next 7 years, forming friendships and learning about management, merchandising and modelling. 

But as young ones, we get itchy feet and I had the need to travel. So I headed back home to the country to bunk up with the parents and work locally on the wheat bins to save money to travel around Australia.

After a few weeks of being back, I ran into my first LOVE, the man I fell in love with at 17 …….. the one that said Nic “you must go live your life, you’re too young to stay here…go to Perth, make a career for yourself and if we’re meant to be you will come back to me” (wise guy) so we chatted like no time had passed and he invited me around for coffee, I said “you can cook me dinner “.  So one thing lead to another and a few weeks down the track I found myself taking a pregnancy test. One guess ….. YES (positive). 

My happy little accident to the man who I always knew was my soulmate, my first and last love.

At 26, I had my first baby, a boy Larz and started my life of living on the farm. 

A young girl taken out of the life she had lived, back to this strange world of living on a farm. That young bubble girl was no longer living a life of lunching with her friends or Sunday sessions at the Cot, she was now covered in vomit, poop and breast milk that never stopped and had a wardrobe full of labels she felt she would never get to wear again.

So you see, nearly 14 years down the track, two more children and a lot more stories, I still think of that world I once lived in and I don’t think it will ever go away.  To give you an idea of what I lust for is the fact the the nearest clothing store is 3 hrs away, there are no take-away (ever) and the nearest coffee shop is 30kms away…

But I have to tell you; there is something about the land you fall in love with… the simple things like a cold winter morning and the mist dancing over the fields with this majestic light that captures the sparkle of a web that hangs over the fence and the smell of the dirt that takes your breathe away.  And the smile in your children over the small things like growing veggies in your garden or picking eggs from under a chook.

You can’t help who you fall in love with and really that’s the thing that really matters.  I’m exactly where I’m meant to be, even if I do miss those city treats, nothing beats a beautiful family with the one you love, a view that goes for miles and a dark night sky fall of sparkling stars of endless falling to wish on.

Nic will be contributing her thoughts on a regular basis but to stalk her on a daily basis head to @kombilife. Words + photography by @kombilife x