Soul Chats with Sally ( The Fit Foodie )

03 May Soul Chats with Sally ( The Fit Foodie )

So, we met via Fit Mixes a few years ago now and I have had the absolute pleasure of watching both the Fit Mixes business and The Fit Foodie grow … and now your new cook book, Love Move Eat comes out 1st March. Tell us a bit about the book …

Yes! I’m so excited to launch my first book. It’s been a labour of love for an entire year – from writing the content to planning, testing, styling and shooting the recipes. The book is every bit of me, and it packed with the best health tips, workouts and recipes that helped me on my way to losing 14kg without diets or deprivation  There’s also my favourite motivational quotes, a run-down of my favourite natural therapies, and how to improve your sleep quality for a healthy and happy life.

And I know the book is all YOU … like recipes, food styling, photography, design, copy – which is insane. How was the learning process?

It was pretty steep. While the blog has been running for almost 6 years now, I’m a total novice photographer. I’ve only very recently invested in a good camera (my trusty Canon 5D) and my publishers advised me on which lens best suited my food photography. After that, it was practice, practice  practice, and a whole lot of Pinterest scrolling to observe how people plate beautiful food. I was fortunate enough to have an amazing team in the art department who gave me some start tips on using Lightroom to edit photos, and from there I’ve watched a lot of YouTube videos to fill in the gaps. I’m still learning, but I feel like I’ve finally found my groove with it. 

What’s your fave recipe in the book? And your fave food?

Ah that’s a hard one – I only picked my very favourite recipes for the book, so I kind of want to say all of them. hehe.

For savoury I would say the Japanese Pancake is the best if you have zero time and looking for maximum flavour. It can be ready in 10-15 mins including prep and cooking. 

For dessert, a few squares of my Beetroot Top Deck chocolate always hits the spot.

My favourite food of all time?!

Got to be avocado. Or salmon. Or avocado….Or salmon. DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE!!!

I love the real story and inspiration behind The Fit Foodie – would you share with our readers?

Hehe. It’s a bit of a funny one. I never planned to start a blog. When I first arrived in Australia I didn’t know how to cook – like even boil an egg. In university I lived off cereal,biscuits and ready-meals – anything that didn’t require cooking because the facilities on campus were pretty gross. When I got to Australia with my boyfriend in 2010, I walked into the supermarket on Flinders Street in Melbourne and had a mini-freak out. There were no pre-prepped meals like there are in the UK. I rang my mum and asked her to send some recipes over – I had to learn to cook from scratch. As I began play with her recipes, I was shocked at the amount of butter, cream and sugar in them. I started to swap out for healthier ingredients, and the recipes that worked were emailed back to her to try out. After a few months of this my partner suggested I record them electronically because my scraps of paper were getting out of control. He set me up with a website I thought only my mum could see, but a few months in and the website started to receive more readers than just my mum! I quickly gave the site a name and added some images. The rest, as they say, is history! 

I can do a mean juggle but you’re one busy lady. What does balance or blend (which ever camp you sit in) mean to you?

With loving my work so much, I don’t take many breaks. I’m so passionate about what I do, I get absorbed into it for hours on end. Like now, I should really be revising cell division for my BSc in Nutritional Med, but instead I’ve got one eye on my textbook as I’m writing this. hehe. It’s all about multitasking here.

What is your fave thing to do to just chill out?

I’m not great at chilling out, but I try to leave my mobile at home and take the dog for a walk at least twice a day. Getting into the park, on the grass and amongst the trees, really grounds me.

Right, well we adore you and can’t wait to purchase the book. Can you tell us where we can get it?

You legends! Personally signed copies are available direct from my blog with free shipping Australia-wide at  It’s also available in Dymocks, David Jones, Angus + Robertson, Mag Shop and all good book stores, RRP 34.99. International FREE delivery is available online at the Book Depository!

Kiss or cuddle?


Fruit or veg?


Beach or farm?


iPhone or android?


Bath or shower?

Bath, but I only have a shower. If anyone wants to run me one with some bubbles, drop me an email