Adventures with Mini for @munsterkids

26 May Adventures with Mini for @munsterkids

Melbourne. We love the amazing city we live in, we love hanging with mini and most of all, we love going on adventures!

So, we present to you our checklist for a successful outing.

Better take everything, right?

An adamant no. For so many of you beautiful mamas heading out can be such a hassle. We get it. Carting around nappy bags, prams, spare clothes, nappies for days and who knows what else got stuffed into the bag last time you used it (usually sultana’s … seriously, sultana’s everywhere!) – it can be painful.

We definitely take a minimalist approach to getting out and about. We’ve never been huge fans of lugging massive nappy bags, bottles, thousands of wipes and half of the kitchen with us. Instead, we take a super select handful of items that fit into an oversize tote and hit the road.

No really, don’t take everything.

We know, these minis of ours are total grots. But when it comes to picking threads for mini, we usually layer up on the sweatshirts, sloppy joes and jumpers. Then we can add or remove a layer depending on the grot level and the weather. These beautiful pieces by Munster Kids absolutely nail the brief, light enough to layer but thick enough to keep him snug as a bug. And super styling to boot.

Life begins with coffee.

We firmly believe the best way to start any adventure is with coffee. Alright, maybe not just adventures, it’s actually the only way to start any day, no matter where life takes you. And mini is definitely on board with this. Frankly, if we didn’t start our adventure with a mummy and me cino hit, I’m not sure what would happen. Our fave local to hit up when we’re at the beach house is The Milbri, but we LOVED checking out The Rocks in Mornington and these sweet little coffee cups to go.

We get out somewhere fun and outdoors.

Luka is go-go-go 100% of the time, so whenever we head out we always go to places that give him heaps of space to run around and not cause too much damage. We spend as much time as possible down the at the beach, and even on those cooler days there’s loads of places to explore. Down by the water, exploring the local architecture and of course, checking out the local wildlife (lemurs included)… hello Zoo pass!

Being outdoors is non-negotiable with this crazy, free spirited kid – he thrives on the fresh sea air and we always make it a priority to spend quality time together, however far we journey.

Get some incidental exercise in too.

Without a doubt, we don’t have a choice in this matter. Running around after a toddler is part and parcel of daily life, but we always seek out places we can get active and embrace a little incidental exercise (#projectme anyone?). The added bonus is burning some of the epic toddler energy (seriously, can someone bottle that to sell?).

We’d love to hear your fave adventure places, and how you prepare for epic outings! Get in touch over on insta.

Luka dressed head to toe thanks to @munsterkids

Kickback Olive Rugby Trackie (here)

Grey Marle Jersey Pant (here)

Wolf Pigment Olive Crew (here)

Yeit Grey Marle Hoodie (here)

Stay Puff Jacket (here)

Photos by yours truly @sneakersandsoul x