I am starting the Plan Decorate Live 6-week eCourse this weekend by The Decorating School. I’m really looking forward to learning more about decorating, interior styling and the more technical components behind it; colour themes, space analysis etc. It comes at the perfect time as we launch into our reno. I caught up with co-founder Emma Blomfield to find out more about her background and how The Decorating School came about. We’re also excited to offer you $50 off the course using the discount code “PDLFEB17”. Just head to the website here. Enjoy x
1. So, tell us, in 3 words who is Emma Blomfield?
Creative, Happy, Pink
2. And how did you get into the interiors industry?
I did a Business Marketing degree and finished right in the middle of the GFC so finding marketing jobs was pretty tricky. It was a blessing in disquise as I realised I didn’t really want to work in a proper marketing role. I continued working in retail with Oroton and dabbled in some visual merchandising when I realised I loved the creative side of merchandising and design. Shortly after that I landed my first job working with an interior designer who had a boutique online furniture store. I helped source furniture and assist on decorating jobs there before moving into a Property Styling role on Sydney’s northern beaches where I learnt hands on practical experience styling up to 4 houses a day! Whilst working full time I saw a gap in the market with a lot of my friends buying or renting their first homes and asking me for advice and voila, my eDecorating service was born. It’s been 6 years now and the business keeps morphing and changing with me, it’s been full of bumps in the road but ultimately it’s pretty great to be completely in control of what I do and how I work in the interiors industry.
3. What has been your most interesting interiors project to date?
I was lucky enough to style Guy & Jules Sebastian’s beach house on the NSW south coast a few years ago. It was a really fun project that we were allowed free reign with. Guy & Jules are the easiest clients to work with ever, seriously. I then went on to style the Tea With Jules sets for Jules’ youtube series and most recently the Christmas stage at their Christmas Carols charity event. 
4. Describe your “home decor” style?
I am a huge fan of layering neutral textures rather than bright bold colour (my portfolio says otherwise as most of my client work combines colour and pattern). I am a big Hamptons fan but also really love the Country Style look with navy ticking stripe and lots of raw linen.  
5. Top styling tip for our home?
Go large with your rug. Rugs are great for zoning large spaces as well as framing a smaller living space. You want the front feet of your sofa sitting on top of the rug so it doesn’t look like you’ve arranged your furniture around a postage stamp 😉
6. How did The Decorating School come about?
Sonya and I met a number of years ago while I was hosting a shopping tour of Sydney’s northern beaches. We got chatting on the tour bus about the decorating workshops I was running in rural and regional areas around Australia and started dreaming up ways we could work together because we’d just clicked. We kept brainstorming after we met and eventually came up with a plan to share our decorating knowledge to a larger audience (not just rural workshops). We both had recognised that so many of our clients were struggling with similar decorating issues and asking us for advice on the same topics so the course has been built to solve all of these issues and empower homeowners to take control of their decorating project rather than let the project rule their lives. 
7. I’m super excited to be undertaking the Plan Decorate Live 6-week eCourse and it comes at such a great time for me, as we undertake our renovation project. What can I hope to get out of the course?
Great timing! Since you’re starting a renovation you’re right in the middle of the planning phase which we would deem the most important phase. Honestly, we cannot stress this enough. So often people get caught up in going shopping the minute they know their home is changing but the more you plan ahead before you go shopping the less mistakes you will make long term. The course runs through the planning stage from working out the right floor plan for your rooms, to picking your colour palette, then through to creating a mood board to work out your style and keep you on track. We cover off the course with how to go shopping for furniture without loosing your mind! So in a nut shell you’ll learn to Plan, Decorate, then Live!  
In under one minute, who is Emma?
Pink or blue? Pink, no questions.
Sofas … leather or fabric? Fabric. 
Beach house or farm house? my donkeys would never forgive me if I said beach house so Farm house all the way.
Coffee or tea? Tea. Haven’t ever had a cup of coffee in my life. 
Dinner in or dinner out? Dinner in – I love cooking! 
You can follow Emma @emma.blomfield or The Decorating School @thedecoratingschool or check out her blog here x