7 Things About Motherhood I Wish Someone Had Told Me

14 Mar 7 Things About Motherhood I Wish Someone Had Told Me

For someone who seemingly lives a very public life, I am quite a private person in terms of my personal life and my opinions (except with my friends + family who will never die wondering what I’m thinking). That said, I am a very passionate person and I am making an effort to share more of my views on topics important to me this year.

So here is one pretty close to my heart, the elusive #mumlife. But with a twist. As anyone with littles, or who is expecting, will know … EVERYONE is super keen bean to share all the worlds advice with you on motherhood. Which is all good and well if you have the wisdom and experience to know what to listen to, what to take onboard and what to take with a grain of salt (which at that point, you don’t). I remember being overwhelmed by most of it and a lot of advice has a negative slant … think along the “you will never sleep again” lines. So, after 2 years in the job, whilst I’m by no means an expert, I’ve put together my list of 7 Things About Motherhood I Wish Someone Had Told Me.

  1. It’s freakin awesome – being a Mama is the actual best. Talk about the awesome as much as the challenging.
  2. The unspoken community – there is this incredible, unspoken bond between Mothers. You see it all the time – at the coffee shop, at the supermarket, the playground. Silent nods of support. Empathic smiles when your toddler is face down on the Supermarket floor because he cant have another Easter Egg. A casual “hey” at the coffee shop as a nod to the caffeine desperation after another sleepless night. They might be such little things but they make the world of difference. Embrace it.
  3. You will not always agree, but you will empathise – you may not like or agree certain situations but you will understand. I was the person who moved tables at a cafe when someone with a baby/toddler sat next to me. Now, I totally understand what these parents are going through, even if sometimes, I’d rather they sat somewhere else with their screaming children.
  4. If someone without children tells you they are tired, you will want to punch them in the face – this is a hard one. You will want to punch them in the face. It’s a whole different ball game of tired. But it’s also all about perspective. Your tired is not better or worse than someone else’s tired. And we never know what else is going on in someone’s life. No judgement.
  5. Call your Mother, she worries – yeah, yeah. Ummm, no, seriously. Call her. She worries. ALL the freakin time. Literally about everything.
  6. You are stronger than you will ever really know – there are so many times you have to dig so deep. You are one tough cookie and you’ve got this. Handle it like a boss. Tough like a Mother as our friends at Sunday Soldiers say.
  7. Its your adventure, your way – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Make it your own. Happy Mama, Happy Mini.

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