A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the launch of new Ormond boutique, Lemon Blossom, and took the time to chat to owner, Catherine, below. I was equally impressed by the store’s modern yet inviting plywood fit out as the incredible curation of some of our fave brands. Whilst, I often shop online, I’m still a sucker for physical stores. There is no substitute for being able to hold something in your hands and fee the material/texture and see the true colours and patterns come to life.  Also, when it comes to shopping for Luka, I often have difficulty with sizing online. Luka turns 2 in late December and he wears a 4 in some brands for his height, so it’s much easier to see sizing at least in the first instance.  Once I am familiar with the sizing of a brand, then it’s simple to shop online.  Lemon Blossom has a bent for natural and organic products and stocks some of our fave children’s brands including Alphabet Soup, Milk + Masuki, Kippins and Make Me Iconic. So if you’ve left your Christmas Shopping to the last minute, pop into this beautiful Ormond store and get everything you need in one spot. That will be me next week!

Where did it all start?
Lemon Blossom came about after the birth of my second child when I had received a well thought out gift from friends who didn’t have children. I was so impressed with how great all the products were, particularly after I had been through the usual journey of purchasing things I thought would be useful but simply weren’t when my baby arrived. As a result I decided, wouldn’t it be wonderful to put together a collection of products that people can trust and adore whether they’re purchasing as a gift or for themselves for the first time. Products you know will be appreciated when they are received or come somewhat pre-approved before you buy!

How did you curate the collection in store?
I have always had a desire to only provide products that I would trust to put on my own children. Knowing how precious and delicate a newborn child’s skin is, I have sought out products that are of natural fibres or organic production. As my own family has grown I have been more and more aware of the waste we produce during those baby years and have really strived to purchase products that have taken into consideration their impact on the environment and those that have produced it. At the end of the day, everyone involved in the process is someone’s’ mother, father, son, daughter or sibling.

What has been the biggest challenge in getting Lemon Blossom off the ground?
The irony is that my own pregnancies and baby arrivals have both allowed the brand to evolve but also been my greatest challenge in making it happen! I fell pregnant with my third child not long after my husband and I decided to really take the plunge on the business and it really took its toll. During that pregnancy at one stage I developed pneumonia & cracked my ribs at about 26 weeks. I later started to develop pelvic instability close to the end. All the while I was trying to keep my motivation for Lemon Blossom going and be a Mother to our other two beautiful children and a wife to my husband. My third child was born a month before my first turned three years old. Needless to say I had a bit of a break from developing the website and brand as I focussed on me & my family. I later developed PNDA (perinatal anxiety and depression) and now feel very passionate about raising awareness for PANDA.

What is in store for Lemon Blossom’s future?
During my time post number three’s arrival, I longed to create a space to support Mother’s. I loved spending time with my Mother’s Group but I realised, gone are the days when we had knitting circles and camp fires to learn the art of parenting a newborn and toddler from the rest of our community. Our communities are so disconnected now but it still ‘takes a village to raise a child’. Having my own family overseas, I was fortunate to have my husband’s family in the same town, who were and still are amazing, but we all need a daily support network. Some don’t gel with their Mother’s Group, some just want to meet other likeminded parents to spend those long days when you can begin to feel so isolated. So we’re developing events and projects within our space to bring support and knowledge to Mums. Stay posted for more updates as we launch some exciting news very soon!

shop at 459 North Rd, Ormond, Victoria

website: www.lemonblossom.com.au | instagram: @lemonblossomaust

Photography by Madeleine Gill @madeleine_gill_993