So, everyone has a “thing” right? You know, the one thing to do with what you look like that can single handedly make you feel frumpy or invincible? For some people it’s makeup. Or shoes. Or tan. For me, it is and always has been, hair. I can literally have no makeup and be dressed like I’m homeless but if I have amazing hair, suddenly, I feel a million bucks. Its my big confidence booster. My Thor’s Hammer (yes, I’m a HUGE Marvel fan).

I am also of the “now” generation and find the prospect of waiting years for, well quite frankly anything, to be totally absurd. I mean, I don’t even like waiting for my breakfast. Unfortunately for me, my hair grows at snails pace. Seriously. It’s the worst. Fine and dry and impossible to grow. And of course, we ALWAYS want what we can’t have right?? Maybe I’m just a sucker for fairytale hair … I mean just look at Rapunzel and Victoria’s Secret Angels, they would be nowhere without those long, luscious, salon worthy locks.

If you do the hair math and add my innate impatience with my desire for impossible hair, for me, there is only one option … hair extensions. I’ve had hair extensions on and off (one of their biggest positives) for about 10 years now. I feel like extensions used to cop a bad rep. You know, like for pageant models or strippers (no disrespect, love for all choices over here). But these days, hair extensions are mainstream, high quality, accessible and more affordable. When done well (and this is THE key), they are comfortable,  seamless and completely undetectable.

For those of you considering playing around with hair extensions, I have teamed up with my amazing extensions guru, Raymond Charles (@raymondcharles) to put together my top tips;

#1 – Figure out why you want them (length, volume, colour, styling/up-do’s) as this will determine the best types of extensions for you.

#2 – Based on the above, decide on permanent extensions or clip-ins.

#3 – Find a reputable hairdresser. Getting a recommendation from someone who has had them is always best. Ray has been doing my extensions for years – we’ve played around with different styles and lengths. I have NEVER had a single person think that my hair wasn’t real/mine. SO amazing. Depending on your hair type, your hairdresser with recommend what method will work best for you. My current ones are tape.

#4 – Colour match well. You can always colour genuine hair extensions but great colour matching goes a long way. My current ones aren’t coloured, just matched by Ray to perfection, creating natural looking but faux ombre.

#5 – Permanent extensions are high maintenance. No pain, no gain as they say. They require a “service” approx every 6-8 weeks and need to be well looked after. It’s ideal to condition/treat them weekly and sleep with them plaited or on a silk pillowcase to prevent tangling.

#6 – They are also not cheap, although much more affordable than they used to be. Depending on the length of your hair you can expect permanent extensions to set you back approx $150-300 for the hair, $350-500 for the application and around $100 an hour for the ongoing servicing/maintenance.

It’s a commitment and one you need to think through. The very best thing about extensions is that they are totally versatile – you can take them out whenever you want, cut and colour them or use for up-do’s and styling. I’ve taken them out now for a bit of short hair over Summer but won’t be long until you see them again. Basically, if hair is your “thing” too, they are totally worth it x