As as blogger, I have the privilege of playing around with clothes, shoes + accessories for work #win. As a woman, my style is all about elevated basics, clean lines and neutral tones. As a mum, I need functional pieces that reflect my lifestyle. Luckily for me, these three converge and present as one. I’ve always had mixed feelings about #mumstyle. Even before I become a Mama, I was like “what on earth is “Mum-Style?!” and the biggest question playing on my mind “am I going to have to change my personal style because I’m a Mum” as so many people kindly advised along the way…. well, I call BS.

Here’s why…


While I was pregnant, loads of people (especially those who knew of my appreciation of good style and quality threads) used to say things like “oh, enjoy wearing those [insert any random nice looking item here – but for the sake of this story, my J-Brand leather skinnies) whilst you still can”. I wasn’t sure in what vain to take these comments – the fact I would no longer fit into them (true – for a period of time and kinda rude), that they weren’t appropriate (not true – it’s a total fact that you can wipe anything of leather with a baby wipe much easier than any other material) or that I wouldn’t want to (also, completely untrue). The reality was, people just had this bizarre, preconceived notion that style was out and a new “mum-appropriate” uniform came with the territory.


But here is the thing …

As long as you are comfortable, there is absolutely no reason your style should change in any way.  It’s actually one of the very simple, small ways you can stay true to yourself as an individual. Yes, there will need to be some breast-feeding items added (if you are breast-feeding). Yes, our bodies change in all sorts of ways so you need to feel comfortable and good in whatever you wear. Yes, you are often mobile – running around after your little’s. But none of these things, in and of themselves, mean you need to change your style to fit a stereotype [jeans/long line tee/cardi/sneaker “mum” look] IF that’s not for you. If it is, awesome. If you want to wear leather pants, wear leather pants (they’re super practical, LOL). If you want to wear ripped short shorts, rock them (read my babe kombilife’s recent Insta Post on this). If you want to wear white from head-to-toe, do so at your own risk but know that white is actually the only colour you can bleach! Thurley Lace Gown with converse sneakers … YES.  As long as you feel good, do your thing!


Personally, my wardrobe has not changed in any way. Except that I’ve been able to thrift all my “corporate” clothes which I always hated anyway. Big yay. And I now have even more pairs of sneakers than I did before. Even biggger yay! I am always inspired by super stylin Mama’s who really work their innate personal style … think Marcia from Not So Mumsy, Fiona from FiFi Deluxe, Jenna of Jenna Isaacman | Me + Moo, Rachel Canas and Leia from Leia Sfez | Diapers + Milk.  Our friend Erin Maxwell recently wrote an ace post in a similar vain called “You Just Happen to be Pregnant” which you can check out via her blog, Love Shop Share (http://www.loveshopshare.com/just-happen-pregnant/) which is a ripper.


Hands down, my favourite lifestyle brand Legoe Heritage, have really captured the essence of personal style, lifestyle dressing and modern motherhood. I had the pleasure of meeting these babes after I had Luka, so despite the brand’s focus on maternity, they hadn’t launched yet when I was pregnant (major bummer) and I have always worn their lifestyle pieces. The brand just really resonates with me and their collections are effortless, classic and trans-seasonal in premium fabrics for a amazing fit. I now own about a third of the collection (oops!) and the new arrivals always blow me away! These Hunter Denims are literally THE best jeans I have ever worn. So, as if their amazing pieces weren’t enough, I introduce Legoe Mini!!

Cause seriously, what’s the very best thing about #mumstyle, if we have to call it that? Twinning with your mini of course. Shop the Legoe Heritage collection here. Enjoy x


Mama: Hunter Denims + Wilba Top both by Legoe Heritage

Mini: Bobby Top by Legoe Heritage, Kid + Kind denim harems (from @littlenook_boutique), Strap Sandals from Country Road and Rocky II sunnies by Sons + Daughters

Shot by Katie Fergus (@katie.fergus) at Tall Timber x