Last Saturday, I attended a Spring Wellness Workshop hosted by two babes I am privileged to call friends,  health blogger Sally of @thefitfoodieblog and founder of Fit Mixes and Sarah, co-Founder of Matcha Maiden + Matcha Mylkbar, as well as lifestyle + wellness blogger @spoonful_of_sarah. The full-day workshop at The Westin Melbourne was designed to nourish mind, body and soul and it was truly fabulous. For me, a restorative yoga class (or alternate energetic HIIT class) by Happy Melon, mini massages, 3-course superfoods lunch and an inspirational Q&A talk with certified health coach, model and Westin well-being advocate Rachael Finch.



As if this isn’t enough, the afternoon was concluded with a wellness workshop with Sarah + Sally. Follow that with a closing meditation, a custom quote from Emma Kate Co and an epic goodie day and it was such an amazing day. Feeling super inspired, I took a few minutes to to chat with these amazing ladies …

What was the inspiration behind the “Spring Wellness Workshop”? (Sally answers)… Sarah and I had previously collaborated on two ‘Friday Flow’ sessions earlier this year, that saw us hold yoga classes on rooftop pools in our respective cities (Melbourne and Sydney). We had such an amazing response from the attendees, we knew we had to collaborate again on a bigger and better scale. The result was our Spring Wellness Workshop – a day of workouts, inspirational talks and what we do best – clean treats 🙂

Sally, as a food + wellness blogger, you are at the forefront of “wellness” trends. What’s your latest obsession? I try not to jump onto the newest thing and keep it simple with real, whole foods. That being said, my body has been feeling a little sluggish lately, so i’m trying an all plant-based approach to my diet (just fruit, veggies, nuts and seeds) for 5 days. It’s quite a departure for me from the usual lean protein approach I eat in abundance, but I’m learning more and more to listen to exactly what my body needs.

Sarah, you’re one busy lady. How do you prioritise wellness? That is definitely one of the ongoing challenges of doing something you love. I thought moving from corporate to a health food business would make striking the right balance so much easier, but in fact it has been hugely challenging. I’m so passionate about what we do that I never want to stop – that’s the irony for so many people in the health and wellness world, that their own health and wellness sometimes gets overlooked. But it’s all about making your health a priority and being proactive about putting aside “you time”. You realise that if you don’t give your body the same importance as you do your work, it simply won’t keep up with you! For me, part of my strategy is blocking out parts of my calendar the same as I would a meeting or an event so that I treat it with the same seriousness and don’t just let other things get in the way. I schedule in time for exercise, meditation, and simply doing nothing (which is quite revolutionary for me!) I also am learning to listen more attentively to my body and if it’s giving me signs that I’m pushing too hard, I’m trying to be more responsive and put on the brakes a bit rather than waiting for the crash and burn.

Sal, you are writing a book … tell us a bit more. It’s always been a dream of mine to be an author, so I’m so stoked it’s finally coming true! The book is packed with wholesome recipes including lots of healthy treats, yoga sequences, and tonnes of health tips to help you live your best life – no matter where you are in journey. I have written every single word from my heart, curated every nourishing recipe, and photographed it all in my 1-bedroom apartment. It’s been one hell of a journey but I couldn’t be prouder of the content. The book is 100% me, and I can’t wait to share it with everyone. Look out for Love Move Eat on the shelves early next year!


Tell us what’s next for Matcha Maiden Sarah? Oh, it’s been such a whirlwind 18 months, who knows what the next chapter will be? We’ve continued to grow around the world and will hopefully continue that expansion as well as experimenting with more new products to keep things fresh and show the versatility of our beautiful superfood. We also have Matcha Mylkbar now which is a whole new ball game and have loved developing the physical “real life” side to the business too. So much ahead in our bright green future!

Photography by Madeleine Gill (@madeleine_gill_993) x