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FRAME Denim Sweat from ECO D. | ONETEASPOON denim | A.P.C Trench | SUNDAY SOMEWHERE sunnies | ADIDAS sneakers | KLASSE 14 watch | Leather bracelets by EMMA + ROE and LENOVO YOGA 3 Limited Edition Tablet

The older I get, the comfortable I am with my own style and gravitate towards great quality staples.  I know what I like and more importantly, what I don’t or what simply doesn’t suit my shape or my lifestyle.  This is an outfit I could live it and wear day-in, day-out.  It’s timeless enough to translate to loads of different scenarios and I am fortunate in that, I would wear this type of outfit to a work meeting.

I currently have a slight obsession with sweats and have made it my mission to “dress them up” into funky + functional daywear. This Frame Denim number from ECO D. is currently my fave, it’s soft and luxurious and fits like a glove.  OneTeaspoon is my go-to denim and these Desperado’s are the perfect cut for me (a hint of drop-crotch, tapered leg, bang on denim wash). This A.P.C Trench was an investment piece from many years ago and will stay in my wardrobe for always. Accessorise to style – I’ve layered some leather charm bracelets around a chunky chronograph for an edgier look and popped on my reflective Sunday’s. Add sneakers for street cred (and running after one speedy + cheeky 18-month old) and tick, we’re done x

Photography by Katie Fergus (@katie.fergus)