Bedroom Style #9

Welcome to our home!! I’m beyond excited to start this journey with you and talk all things #homeinspo which is a major passion of mine. I thought, what better way than to share some snippets of our own home, featuring brands we’re grown to love and share some styling tips (and where to save $$$) that I’ve picked up along the way.

So let’s start the series In The Sac. We are super lucky to have an enormous master bedroom with a bay window and loads of natural light.  As part of our initial reno, we painted our whole Californian Bungalow white, wood trimmings and all to give it a bright + airy feel. Here are some styling must haves for the boudoir.

Bedroom Style #3

  1. It’s all about the linen. Linen has the ability to transform your whole space and reflect the overall look + feel you are going for. Comfort is also a major factor. Am the moment, we’re totally crushing on the entire range from In The Sac. 100% natural pure linen is an absolute luxury and gives the room a clean and fresh yet luxurious feel. Another fave, at a different price point, is the Mark Tuckey for Cotton On range.

Bedroom Style #5

2. Cushions are your best friend. Want an instant update to your bedroom space? Layer in cushions of different shapes + textures. You can add colour and interest or simply interesting tonal layers. To reflect a fresh, boho luxe, slightly beachy vibe I used a number of textures and colours from our friends (All Aboard + Black Ziggy by Our Lieu, Tribal Cushion by Thorn + Burrow and Mint cushions by RJL for Adairs). The great thing about investing in cushions is that you can change them up and move them around from room to room.

 3. Search for the right bedside table but then be flexible with it. We searched far + wide for these divine Tassie Oak bedsides from Milk Cart (currently on sale … yippee!). We decided on them as they were locally handcrafted, tall enough (this was a huge issue for us as most standard bedsides were too low for our bed) and can easily be moved around. Milk + Sugar lamps from our local Turner + Lane. Concrete planter (on bedside) by Beton + Teal.

Bedroom Style #1

4. If you can’t commit to artwork, get creative.  I have been ‘deciding’ what to hang above the bed (as we have no bedhead) for about 4 years. I just can’t commit to a single print or piece of art. So I alternate. Hello 3M hook and a little bit of creativity. This giant Monstera leaf is from our backyard! And I love it SO much (although, I am guessing it is going to die eventually!)… I also have a wall flag, Juju hat + dream catcher on high rotation depending on my mood. If all else fails, washi tape a bunch of inspirational quote/pics from your fave mag!

Bedroom Style #6

Bedroom Style #7

5. Last but definitely not least, use the floor. Lean, stack + randomly place things around the room until they work for you! This little nook looking divine with my fave ‘Love Warriors’ Norsu print, moroccan pouffe (Thorn + Burrow) and cactus friend from the Cool Cactus Shop! Cactus friend unfortunately can’t live with us just now due to mini’s little fingers! But alas, one day.

Bottom line, have fun. If you’re like me and like to move things around, update and refresh your space periodically think of savvy + flexible ways to do so.

A big shoutout to The Studio Melbourne for their incredible shots and co-styling (@thestudiomelbourne).

For now, big love. Will be sharing Mini’s room with you all soon x