CONTRIBUTOR POST: Wardrobe Detox by stylist Danielle Brodie x

08 Apr CONTRIBUTOR POST: Wardrobe Detox by stylist Danielle Brodie x


Can’t shut your closet door but still feel like you’ve got nothing to wear? It’s time to detox your wardrobe.

Now I’m no sartorial minimalist, but I have to admit whoever first said ‘less is more’ was onto something. Don’t panic, I’m not suggesting a shopping moratorium (phew)* but when it comes to having too many clothes all that muddle can really distract you from your style aspirations.


Some tips to get you started…

To thine own self be true. The first thing you’ll need to get started is a strong sense of your best sartorial self. Take a moment to reflect on your own style (or desired style) and the needs of your lifestyle.

Take the time to do it right. For best results, wait til everyone’s out, put your favourite jam on and turn your phone off (ok, ok, who am I kidding, but at least flip it over so you have to reach to see your notifications).

Don’t be so sentimental, baby. You’d be surprised how often we justify hording because of the memories our clutter evokes. Allow yourself to keep one garment for this reason.

Let go. Remember you need less clothes than you think you do, you just need the right ones. If it’s tatty, doesn’t fit right or there’s a duplicate but better, then let it go.

Apply the ‘one in, one out’ principal. To keep your wardrobe on point after your detox, slowly add any last pieces your closet is crying out for. Then make a deal with yourself that for every item of clothing you’ll add, you’ll remove one.

Go get it girl**

Xx dani

*Because that would be a bit much coming from me and probably cause my nearest and dearest to die with laughter.

**Or whoever you may be, dear reader.

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